Darien School District 61

I want to thank Diamond assets for changing our opinion on the trade in process. In 2011 we worked with a different trade in company recommended by our Apple representative. We received 65% of the amount quoted. This amount was so off target that we had to revamp budget planning.

Since December of 2015, Diamond Assets has been promptly replying to months of emails as we reconsidered the trade process. Their drivers came out on time, and had our units in two separate locations boxed up in less than two hours. Our audit came back within 99% of the max amount quoted and we received our check sooner than expected!

Michele Goshko, Technology Coordinator
Darien School District 61 (Darien, IL)

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Being a small school, the most financial assistance we can receive, the better. Diamond Assets supported us in every way possible and showed great concern for our needs as a small school. This is definitely a company I would recommend to any school, big or small, looking to revamp their inventory.

Gabrielle Mirand, STEM/Technology Specialist
Immaculate Heart of Mary (Monona, WI)

Hudson Community School

Working with Diamond Assets during our MacBook Air student refresh was an unbelievably professional and hassle-free experience. What set them apart was our dedicated account manager. We had a unique mid-year roll out and reconciliation. Having our account manager in contact with me on a regular basis made the distribution of our new machines to students and our asset disposition straightforward and effortless. They did all the work, and we collected a fair market value return on our equipment.

Kevin Murray, Technology Coordinator
Hudson Community School (Hudson, IA)

Edgewood-Colesburg Community School District

Diamond Assets was a great company to work with and their employees are to be commended for their professionalism and efficiency in taking care of our transaction. Initially, I was skeptical about sending close to 300 computers to a company in the hopes their findings would be fair and consistent with what our tech staff knew about the computers they were getting. Without a doubt, this is a very reputable and good company to partner with.

Dawn Voss
Edgewood-Colesburg Community School District (Edgewood, IA)